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Which Type of Therapy is Right for Me?

Panic Attacks


The Treatment of Depression

Postpartum Depression

Prenatal Depression


Perfectionism in Parenthood: Imperfectly Perfect

Workplace Stress

Low Self-esteem

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Recent Article in the Irish Times with comments on BDD by Dr Louise Clarke. April 2019:

CBT Core Beliefs


Preventing Parental Burnout Article on First 1000 Days website June 2016.

Mindfulness For Parenting Article on First 1000 Days website 2016 and love 2016

Mindfulness During Pregnancy Article on First 1000 Days website 2016

Emotional Development- Emotion Regulation for Children Article on First 1000 Days website 2016

Recommended Books

Impostor Syndrome

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Pregnancy Loss Awarenss Week October 2019 


Tips for Managing Stress During Christmas

Getting into the right mind-set for the year ahead

Worry Management

How To Take Care of Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

Recent article in The Irish Independent with comments from Dr Louise Clarke, Director of The Consulting Clinic: Slow Down: How to Calm The Mind. January 2020.

Therapy for Anxiety: The Consulting Clinic

Increasing Awareness of Domestic Abuse and The Support Available

Maternal Mental Health

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