Getting into the right mind-set for the year ahead

At the end of each year, many people plan their ‘’New Year Resolutions’’ for the year ahead. But how do you think about your year ahead? 

Here are some practical ways to help get into the right mind-set to make the most out of the year ahead:

Goal Focused vs. Values Focused: Connecting with your values: Society often encourages us to achieve our goals, which leads to the mind-set of ‘If we achieve these goals then it can bring happiness’. But how long does it last? Do you sit back and acknowledge the achievement before moving onto the next goal? As we live our lives constantly striving to achieve one goal after the next we can become depleted.

SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and in a Timeframe) is a healthy way of working on our goals as it takes out the unrealistic expectations and helps us to achieve our goals. As well as the SMART goal it is very beneficial to connect with your values. You can have the same goal but integrate your values into the goal and into your daily life, which can be fulfilling and rewarding rather than stressful and depleting. 

What are values? Values are what is truly important to us in life – what you want to live by and live for. They guide many of our actions and decisions. Values give our life meaning. Values are not goals in that we never ‘accomplish’ a value. Rather, we need to work on our values everyday in order to grow and nurture what is important to us and this in turn will give a rich and meaningful life. Values can provide us with direction, purpose and connection. They can also help you in decision-making and give grounding. Over the Christmas holidays, take time to think about what is truly important to you and what you truly value at this time in your life. You can be more effective when you know which values you choose to keep and live by. Examples of values are: Being honest, spending time with your family, being curious, nurturing your relationship etc. you then need to break this down again i.e. how can you nurture your relationship etc. and act in line with the value. When we act in line with our values it gives us direction and a rich and meaningful life. 

Through practicing what you value, you are naturally living a life of fulfilment, accepting each moment as it arises, instead of constantly chasing what is to come. This prevents people falling into the trap of the endless cycle of ‘’When I become better/achieve more.. etc.… I will be happy/accomplished… 

For your year ahead, why not reflect on your values and live in line with them for a purpose and fulfilled 2020. 

The Consulting Clinic