Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Courses in Dublin

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is the most recognised and established mindfulness course worldwide and is scientifically proven to help people cope better with stress and anxiety.

Content of the MBSR 8 week programme
• Recognising the present moment
• Mindful practice
• Stress reactivity – investigating the way we often cope with stress
• Stress response – learning to respond effectively to stress
• Interpersonal mindfulness/mindful communication
• Mindful practice
• Making mindfulness a part of your daily life

Course Overview:
• Individual phone interview with facilitator prior to commencement of program
• Group format
• 2.5 hour sessions, once a week, in the evening for 8 weeks
• A typical session would contain a mixture of theory, practice and group discussions.
• You have reading material and CDs to support your daily home practice throughout the programme
• One experiential all-day workshop between session six and seven (on a weekend).
• During each session, you are carefully guided through specific meditation practices including sitting and some gentle   movement.

Benefits can include:

• Techniques for living in the present moment
• Increased self awareness
• Reduction in emotional reactivity and gaining a deeper sense of calm
• An increase in wellbeing and an enjoyment for life
• Increased focus and concentration.
• An awareness of what gives rise to stress and how to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively.

Who can benefit?
Anyone can benefit from cultivating more mindfulness in their lives. It can be beneficial for:

Stress – including work, school, family, financial, illness, ageing, worry, and irritability.

Medical – including chronic illness or pain, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, asthma, skin disorders and many other conditions.

Psychological – including anxiety, panic, mild depression, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

Wellness – including health enhancement and wellness focused on prevention and learning the ’how’ of taking good care of yourself and feeling a greater sense of balance.

And those who are feeling well and want to maintain good health are also welcome to attend.

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and cushion if you have one available.
To reap the most benefits from MBSR, participants are encouraged to attend each session, and practice daily at home for the duration of the course.


€360 for 9 weeks – to include handbook and audio mindfulness recordings.

If two people book – €340 each


Please complete the online contact form or contact the centre to secure your place on this course. The course facilitator will contact you for a brief telephone conversation prior to the course.

Introduction to MBSR (by UMass Medical School’s Centre for Mindfulness)