Worry Management

Getting out of your mind and into your life.

Skills to let go of worry.

Dr Louise Clarke, Director of The Consulting Clinic

Do you notice that your mind is racing with ‘what if’ thoughts?, do you have a tendency to predict the worst? If so, you are engaging in worrying which triggers anxiety symptoms because your worry thoughts are communicating ‘threat’ and when your brain believes you are in danger it sends signals to your body, resulting in the fight-or-flight response. Anxiety in itself is not dangerous, just uncomfortable but through managing worry it can help to have a healthy level of anxiety and improved quality of life. 

I ask all of my clients, ‘why do you worry’? this can seem like a strange question as it is can feel like second nature to worry but in fact when we bring mindful awareness of our thought process we can ‘choose’ to worry or ‘choose’ to let go. Easier said than done! However it is important to bring attention to the impact of worry thoughts on your quality of life in order to begin the journey of reducing worry and gaining more control over your mind rather than your mind controlling you. 

Here are a few skills to get you started in managing worry:

Bring awareness to your thoughts. If you don’t notice them you live a life on autopilot and will continue to stay in the worry and mindless cycle.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I reacting to? 
  • Am I getting things out of proportion? 
  • Am I overestimating the danger?
  • Am I assuming the worst? 
  • Am I overestimating my ability to cope?
  • Am I believing I can predict the future? 
  • Is this thought helpful? 
  • What is the impact of this thought on my emotions and life?
  • Am I investing too much time on this worry? What is it taking me away from? 

Choose to let go:

When you notice how much time you have invested in your worries and the impact of worrying, take committed action:

  • Increase mindful awareness – tune into your experience
  • Connect with your breathe to anchor yourself back into the present
  • Actively choose to ‘let go’ of your worries and ground yourself in the present and with your values. 

You may notice that your mind will keep drawing you back to your worries, this is normal but keep choosing to let go of the worry and back to the present. With lots of practice and noticing the unworkability of worry you are not reinforcing old unhelpful thoughts and build up inner resilience to gain more control over your mind and connect with what is important to you in your life. 

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